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Universal Orlando Resort ® is a universe of opportunities for people who have a lot to offer. It takes a special kind of person to work at Universal Orlando. An individual who knows how to be part of a team. Someone with a sense of fun who’s serious about their work. A person who knows it doesn’t take magic to put a smile on a guest’s face… it takes hard work, dedication, knowledge and just the right amount of Universal attitude. Whether you’re serving food, working in an office, maintaining equipment, performing in costume or operating a ride, you won’t just be ‘doing a job.’ You’ll be creating memories for our guests that will last a lifetime. Are YOU that kind of person?

Groundskeeper: Seeking candidates to perform basic landscape maintenance functions as part of a Horticulture team including watering, weeding, raking of debris, trimming of shrubs, planting of foliage, and back pack blowing of designated areas.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Performs manual weeding, hand watering, mulching, cleaning, digging and planting tasks.

  • Performs trimming and pruning of shrubs, ground-covers, and vines using primarily hand-held equipment.

Gardener: Seeking candidates to performs skilled landscape maintenance tasks as part of a Horticulture team; proficiency in plant identification of common plant names; ability to perform shrub installation, foliage maintenance, tree installation, heavy equipment operation, and basic clean up.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Responsible for trimming/pruning shrubs, ground covers, vines and some trees and palms with hand-held tools and 2-cycle equipment.

  • Performs removal, installation and maintenance of plant material in beds and containers, and manual weeding.

  • Operates machinery for loading, unloading and transporting materials, equipment and supplies.

  • Mows and edges turf with riding mowers and power equipment.

  • Assists in specimen tree relocation, including ball and burlap operation, jetting in, and staking and guying.

Horticulturist: Seeking qualified candidates to perform specialized landscape maintenance functions as part of a Horticulture team in addition to having knowledge in the botanical names of all common trees, palms, and shrubs; ability to install shrubbery, foliage, trees; ability to understand the nomenclature of all common foliage; ability to make decisions.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Responsible for maintenance of shrub, vine, ground cover and turf

  • Responsible for culture and care of specialty crops including roses, topiaries, and foliage plants.

  • Responsible for bedding plant selection, care and layout.

  • Performs diagnosis of plant nutrition and pest control needs; fertilization and herbicide.

  • Performs landscape rehabilitation, including demolition and installation.

  • Operates heavy equipment i.e. JCB front end loader

  • Identifies need for and provides supplemental water with manual operation of automatic irrigation zones and hand watering.

Arborist: Seeking qualified Arborits to provide support to Technical Services – Horticulture, Ride and Show, and Facilities Maintenance departments, as well as other divisions across UO, with all aspects and requirements for tree maintenance, removal and relocation.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Operates all heavy equipment, being adept in the use of a bucket truck and high reach to prune, move, install, and remove trees. Being proficient in the operation and maintenance of all 2-cycle equipment i.e. Chain saws, power pole saws, and back-pack or hand held blowers.

  • Climbs trees for proper maintenance and removal, within UO climbing and rigging guidelines. Including the ability to perform specific climbing knots i.e. Bowline hitch, half hitch, double half hitch, and slip knot.

  • Riggs trees for proper lifting and transport. Being capable of applying the essential techniques used for tree lifting i.e. Choke strapping, barrel strapping, saddle strapping, and pinning.

  • Provides correct hand signals for heavy equipment operation and rental cranes to insure safe operation.

  • Stakes and guys trees according to UO Horticulture standards.

  • Identifies proper tree nutrition and/or deficiencies.

Heavy Equipment Operator: Seeking candidates who are responsible for supporting all of Technical Services and other divisions across UO with proficient operation of heavy equipment utilizing equipment such as the Cat Loader, Cat Extended Boom, and Cat Back Hoe. Performs proper rigging skills for loading, unloading, and transportation of large specimen trees and other equipment and materials. Other activities include the operation and transport of large pumps, generators, ride vehicles, ride track, and related facility and attraction apparatus. They are regularly called on to coordinate the field tasks associated with special projects involving demolition of structures and earth movement.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Operates of heavy equipment which includes the ability to excavate using shoring, applies straps and slings to loads being rigged, back floats gravel and soil for fine grading, lift and place irregular objects, and maneuver equipment in all directions in tight spaces.

  • Performs rigging of various objects for proper lifting and transport.

  • Performs project coordination involving the use of heavy equipment.

  • Provides correct hand signals for heavy equipment operation and rental cranes to insure safe operation and to protect UO’s assets.

  • Oversees heavy equipment repair and maintenance to insure safe operation.

Submits paperwork for excavation permits and monitors heavy equipment/ vehicle job logs.

Pest Control Technician: Seeking qualified candidates to conduct and document pest control activities to maximize plant health as part of a Horticulture team in addition to providing green initiatives which support UO values and protect our environment.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Schedules and applies pesticides and plant nutritional products (including herbicides, insecticides, matricides, fungicides, horticultural oils and soaps, fertilizers, and biological agents) according to label and safety procedures.

  • Plans and releases beneficial insects as part of an Integrated Pest Management plan.

  • Provides safe removal of all unwanted wildlife throughout Universal Orlando property.

  • Identifies and diagnoses pest control needs in assigned landscape area.

  • Records pest control activity into activity reports according to all applicable laws, regulations and departmental policy and practice.

  • Safely handles, transports, stores and disposes of pesticide product and containers.

Irrigation Mechanic: Seeking qualified candidates to maximize efficient operation of irrigation system as part of a landscape maintenance team.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Repairs, replaces or installs irrigation systems in new or existing areas, including wiring and controller repairs & installation.

  • Monitors and tests operation of irrigation systems.

  • Performs adjustments to irrigation system to assure proper operation.

  • Assists Horticulture Department maintenance functions, such as tree pruning, fertilization, and bed layout as requested.


  • Minimum of six months of landscape maintenance experience, preferably in upscale commercial or resort environment required; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Valid Florida Drivers License


Positions in Landscaping require:

  • Ability to stand for long periods of time

  • Ability to lift and or move between 20 and 50 pounds

  • Working outdoors in all weather conditions


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